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Beasiswa VLIR-UOS scholarship

8.10.10 |

Dear All,

pls check the link below :

Application and selection procedure

Applicants applying for a VLIR-UOS scholarship need to consider both the admission requirements and the scholarship criteria.

First, fhe host university is in charge of the academic admission of applications. Study results will be taken into consideration during the selection, but the most important academic selection criteria are relevant professional experience and prospects for applying the acquired insights after return to the developing country. The academic admission requirements are specific to every programme. Please peruse the requirements from the relevant programme.

For most, a joint selection committee of VLIR-UOS and the host university is responsible for selecting scholarships. The host university – not the applicant – forwards the scholarship applications to the VLIR-UOS secretariat if the academic admission requirements are met. The VLIR-UOS scholarship criteria relate to the qualifications required of all scholarship applicants and selection criteria evaluated by the selection committee. Download the VLIR-UOS scholarship criteria at the bottom of this page.
All applicants receive an acknowledgement of receipt of their applications. Applicants whose proposals are deemed academically admissible and who are awarded a scholarship for the academic year 2011-2012 will be contacted by VLIR-UOS and the host university by e-mail in May and June 2011. Applicants whose proposals are deemed academically admissible will be notified by the host university.

This is how you apply for the academic year 2011-2012

You can apply for a VLIR-UOS scholarship from the 1st of October 2010.

You must fill in the pre-screening form at the bottom of the page of the programme you want to follow. You may only choose one programme. If you apply to more than one programme your details will be entered more than once in our central database and all your applications will be inadmissible.

So you must follow the correct and complete procedure below.

Apply on the VLIR-UOS website via the pre-screening form: you must fill in all fields;
Receive a VLIR-UOS application/file number by return e-mail from VLIR-UOS (within maximum two weeks);
Apply on the website from the host university through the link mentioned in the return e-mail from VLIR-UOS;
Write the received VLIR-UOS application/file number on the application file from the host university;
Send a printout of your application file along with all required documents (diploma transcripts, motivation, etc…) to the International Office of the host university, not to VLIR-UOS.

Applications that are incomplete, illegible or that reach the host university’s International Office after the deadline will be automatically rejected.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship from VLIR-UOS for a master programme is the 1st of February 2011.

Please check the programme website for the deadline to apply for a scholarship from VLIR-UOS for a training programme.

Kind Regards,
Trias Wahyuni a.k.a Nino

French Government Scholarship (BGF) in 2011 has been opened!


Scholarship to France: BGF

French Government Scholarship (BGF) in 2011 has been opened!

About BGF 2011:

The French government through the French Embassy in Jakarta has provided scholarships to citizens of Indonesia for more than 30 years. In order to develop human resources in Indonesia, the French Embassy will provide scholarships for 2010.

The scholarships are given to civil servants, lecturers, students (especially those involved in the cooperation program between France and Indonesia) to follow the 2 types of educational programs:

Masters (full scholarship)
Doctorate (full scholarship - 18 months)

The jury will give priority to those who had to identify either a masters or doctorate program and who has had a positive response / recommendations from a professor of French or letter of acceptance.
CampusFrance Indonesia can help you to find courses that interest you.

Applications must be submitted no later than 31 March 2011!

Beasiswa Master di Eiffel scholarships


Eiffel scholarships

The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs launched the Eiffel excellence scholarship programme in January 1999 to support French centres of higher education in their international outreach initiatives, in a context of mounting competition among developed countries, to attract elite overseas students on master's, engineering and PhD courses.

2011/2012 Session timetable

•Application forms put online: 27 September 2010
•Deadline for reception of applications by Égide: 7 January 2011
•Announcement of results: week of 21 March 2011

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