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Beasiswa S1 S2 dan S3 di Turki 2015

12.3.15 |

Applications for Türkiye Scholarships will start by February 25th. The application deadline is 31st March 2015. Applications for undergraduate, master and PhD programmes will received through the same application cycle.

The application to Türkiye Scholarships programmes is online and totally free process.

Candidates can apply only one scholarship programme in accordance with their educational background and academic goals.

Türkiye Scholarships include both scholarship and university placement at the same time. Applicants will be placed in a university and programme among their preferences specified in the online application form.

Most programmes in Turkish universities are instructed in Turkish. However, some departments and universities offer programmes in English or French. The candidates who want to study in these languages need to have an internationally recognized certificate to prove their language proficiency. Also, most of these foreign language programmes may ask international admission test scores such as GRE, GMAT etc. Candidates can check the language of instruction while selecting the programmes.

All Türkiye Scholarships winners who do not have C1 Level Certificate for Turkish Proficiency (including those who are placed into English or French-taught programmes) must attend 1-year Turkish Preparatory Course.

Art and Sport Scholarship Programmes, available for the first time this year, is specifically designed to encourage the skilled international students in the fields of art and sport to study at undergraduate, master or PhD (proficieny in art) degree levels in the prestigious Turkish universities with opportunities of Türkiye Scholarships. Applicants selected to be funded take one-year Turkish Language Course covered by scholarship. Subsequently, they have to receive an acceptance from the relevant faculties of Turkish universities. Applicants are expected to have documents (offical certificate, portfolio, etc.) to prove their success in the field they apply for.

The Scholarship Covers...

• Monthly stipend (600 TL for undergraduate, 850 TL for master and 1200 TL for PhD )
• Full tuition fee
• Free 1-year Turkish language course
• Free accommodation
• Round-trip air ticket
• Health insurance
To be eligible for Undergraduate Programmes, applicants must;

• be a citizen of a country other than Turkey (Anyone holding or ever held Turkish citizenship before cannot apply),
• not be a registered student in Turkish universities at the level of study they are applying,
• be have graduated or are likely to graduate from a secondary education institution,
• be under the age of 21 (no earlier than 01.01.1994),
• have at least specified (% 90 for medical sciences, % 70 for other undergraduate programs) cumulative grade point average, diploma grade, national exam or international exam score,
• be in good health
To be eligible for Postgraduate Programmes, applicants must;

• be a citizen of a country other than Turkey (Anyone holding or ever held Turkish citizenship before cannot apply)
• not be a registered student in Turkish universities at the level of study they are applying.
• be a bachelor's or master's degree holder by 30th of July 2015 at the latest
• be under the age of 30 for master's programmes (no earlier than 01.01.1985)
• be under the age of 35 for doctorate programmes (no earlier than 01.01.1980)
• have at least 75 % cumulative grade point average or diploma grade over their maximum graduation grade or have at least 75 % success in any accepted national or international graduate admissions test.
• be in good health
Required Documents

Undergraduate Level

• Online application
• A copy of a secondary school diploma or document indicating that the candidate is secondary school senior student,
• A certified secondary school transcript (indicating courses taken and relevant grades of the candidate)
• A copy of a valid ID card (passport, national ID, birth certificate etc.)
• Passport photo

Postgraduate Level
• Online application
• A copy of a bachelor or master's diploma or document indicating that the candidate is bachelor or master's senior student
• A certified bachelor and/or master's transcript (indicating courses taken and relevant grades of the candidate)
• A copy of a valid ID card (passport, national ID, birth certificate etc.)
• Passport photo

Application Procedure

Candidates are supposed to;

• go to
• click the online application form,
• create an account by entering an e-mail and password,
• read the application guide,
• log in to the system and fill out the application form,
• upload the required documents,
• and finally finish the application.
Click here to reach the Scholarship Programmes brochures and applications
Click here to apply

Info Beasiswa di University of Exeter, Inggris

10.3.15 |

PhD in Engineering: Water Management - Emergency planning in the Water Sector Ref: 1809

About the award

Location: Streatham Campus, University of Exeter, EX4 4QJ
Primary supervisor: Professor David Butler
Secondary supervisor: Dr Sarah Ward
Project Description: this PhD focuses on the important role of emergency planning and preparedness in the water sector.  The aim of the project is to explore the various threats or emergencies that are planned for and to understand the role of emergency planning in promoting water sector resilience.  Specific areas of study will be: plans relating to drought, flood response and water contamination incidents; how such plans are implemented and; how organisational learning (from a variety of sources) may result in revision or redevelopment of these plans. 
Close attention will be paid to how a plan is matched to a threat, subsequent impacts and potential consequences and to how appropriate standards or best practice have been developed. These plans will be compared and contrasted with other sectoral emergency plans (utility, infrastructure, health), local authority emergency plans and central government advice.  Methodologically, the PhD is quite flexible and a range of approaches that are complementary to the topic under study may be used. Such methods could include document content analysis, participant interviews, situational analysis or agent-based modelling.
The implications of different plans and planned responses will be incorporated into technical system models (developed by other team members) and their impact on the reliability, resilience and sustainability of the systems will be assessed. 
Recommendations for improved practice will be developed for a range of stakeholders and the candidate will facilitate project knowledge exchange, translation, communication and engagement.  This PhD forms a part of Professor David Butler’s EPSRC research fellowship on developing a new paradigm for ‘Safe SuRe’ urban water management in the UK in response to emerging challenges and global uncertainties. 
The successful candidate will work in a team of researchers embedded within the wider Centre for Water Systems at the University of Exeter.
Contact for Informal enquiries: Professor David Butler (01392 724064)
Application criteria
Applicants should have or expect to achieve at least a 2:1 Honours degree, or equivalent, in engineering, environmental science, geography, planning or allied subjects.


Application deadline:27th March 2015

Info beasiswa di Universitat de Barcelona, Sapnyol


PhD Fellowship: ISGlobal, Universitat de Barcelona
Employer: ISGlobal, Universitat de Barcelona
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Deadline: April 5, 2015
Description, a Marie Sklodowska-Curie - Innovative Training Network, is offering a PhD Fellowship for the project: Economic Evaluation of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) for the Development of Drugs and Diagnostic Tools for Leishmaniasis and Other Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and Private Business Impact.
Hosting Institution: Barcelona Centre for International Health Research- ISGlobal
Principal Supervisor: Dr. Elisa Sicuri
Partner Institutions:
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics - FIND (Switzerland)
To evaluate the cost effectiveness of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) for the development of drugs and diagnostics for leishmaniasis and other NTDs from the public health perspective and the market/business impact.
Job Description:
Conduct a review of the literature on PPPs for the development of drugs and diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases
Estimate of the market/business and welfare impacts of PPPs for NTDs
Conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis comparing PPPs and standard market procedure for the development of drugs and diagnostic tools for leishmaniasis and other NTDs
Prepare manuscripts for the publication in peer reviewed journals and prepare the PhD thesis
Background: Master of Science in economics/health economics
ITN Requirements:
Experience: candidates must be in the first four years of their research career and not yet have a doctoral degree.
Mobility: candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to 1st July 2015.
EUROLEISH-NET Requirements:
English proficiency (oral and written)
Availability to join the CRESIB/ISGlobal on the 1st July 2015.
Fulfil academic requirements to enrol the PhD programme in International Health at University of Barcelona on the 1st July 2015 (see details here). Note: To get enrolled at the PhD programmes, the Spanish universities require an MSc degree in related topics to the field of the thesis for all science graduated students, except for those owning a degree on Pharmacy, Medicine or Veterinary Science.
Network Mobility: willing to spend a significant amount of time (minimum 6 months) in Partner institutions when required.
Enthusiastic student with high interest in the economics of poverty related diseases
Has very good quantitative and analytic skills
Able to work both independently and in team
Knowledge of Spanish and/or French is a plus

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