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29.5.09 |

For Indonesian citizens


The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is offering scholarships for the 2009/2010 academic year to Indonesian citizens.


The online application form can be downloaded here. A printed copy of the application, complete with passport size photo and bearing the date and original signature of the candidate, must be sent to the Embassy of Italy NO LATER THAN 20 June 2009.




PHONE: (021) 392 7531/ 3927532
FAX. : (021) 310 1661à/Borse_di_studio/Per_nome_abitanti_in_Italia/

CG Foundation – ASEAN Foundation Scholarship for Bachelor and Master

20.5.09 |

“Concern for Social Responsibility” is one of the four principles long upheld by the Siam Cement Group (SCG) in doing business. Over the last 40 years, SCG Foundation was established to carry out activities dedicated to social contribution, human resources development especially of children and youth, creating sustainable benefits for all the communities and countries where SCG operates.

SCG Foundation is committed to expanding educational opportunities to the Southeast Asian countries in the hope of helping to develop their human resources so they can contribute to the development of their own countries. At the same time, it helps promote Thailand and makes the country a regional hub of the international education.

Scholarship Program for ASEAN Nationals: SCG Foundation provides scholarships for the government staff and general public in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Indonesia to pursue their studies in the Bachelor, Master or Doctoral level at the leading educational institutions in Thailand.

From 2007 on, 7 government staff have been awarding scholarships to come study in a field of International Development Studies whereas 11 young talents were granted opportunities to fulfill their dreams in Engineering and Business Administration. Among them, 7 scholars already completed and are now contributing back to society.

Especially, this year SCG Foundation joins hands with ASEAN Foundation in offering scholarships opportunities to talent students of ASEAN countries to come study in Thailand under the so called “SCG Foundation – ASEAN Foundation Scholarship Program for ASEAN Nationals”

Numbers and Fields of Scholarships:

Master Energy Technology at Asian Institute of Technology
Master Industrial Engineering at Asian Institute of Technology
Master Chemical Engineering at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
Master Business Administration at Assumption University of Thailand


Master Construction Engineering at Asian Institute of Technology


Master Electrical Engineering Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology

The Philippines

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology

Benefit Package:

Tuition fees
Monthly Allowance
Dormitory fees
Health insurance
Passport and visa fees
Yearly round trip air ticket
Education-related fees
Internship opportunity with SCG
Field trip e.g. Company & Plant Visit, sightseeing and group activities

Eligibility Qualifications:

For Bachelor Degree

Last year student in high school OR 1st year university/college student
GPA of at least 3.00 out of 4.00 scale (7.00/10.00 scale for Vietnam)

For Master Degree

Last year university student OR recent graduates with work experience 0 – 3 years
GPA of at least 3.00 out of 4.00 scale (7.00/10.00 scale for Vietnam)

How to Apply:

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Step 1: Type 1-page essay and e-mail to, Topic: “My Intention to Contribute to Society, if I am granted the Scholarship”
Step 2: All candidates MUST apply directly at

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT)

Step 1: Type 1-page essay and e-mail to, Topic: “My Intention to Contribute to Society, if I am granted the Scholarship”
Step 2: Click here for download SIIT application and e-mail to together with Transcript, Letter of Recommendation

Assumption University of Thailand (ABAC)

Step 1: Type 1-page essay and e-mail to, Topic: “My Intention to Contribute to Society, if I am granted the Scholarship”
Step 2: Click here for download ABAC application and e-mail to together with Transcript, Letter of Recommendation


Beasiswa Korea dari KOICA tahun 2009


Dear Friends,

Info tentang beasiswa dari KOICA tahun 2009 di Sungkyukwan University untuk program Master dalam bidang: Global e-Policy dan e-Government, info lengkapnya sebagai berikut:
Berdasarkan surat Sekretariat Negara RI Nomor B-7841/Setneg/ Setmen/KTLN/ 04/2009 tentang tawaran mengikuti Pendidikan Program Master dari Pemerintah Republik Korea/KOICA, selama 18 bulan mulai Juli 2009:
Number of participant: 20
Who is eligible:
Government official or employee in public sector or researcher in state institute with a bachelor degree or higher
Be nominated by his or her government based on the excellent criteria
Have Sufficient command of both spoken and writen english
Be in good health
Preferably be under 40 years of age
Never have participated in KOICA's Program no sooner than 3 years ago
Language: English
Homepage: http://gsg.skku. edu

Setiap instansi diminta mengirimkan 2 orang calonnya paling lambat 15 Mei 2009 dengan kelengkapan:
Daftar riwayat hidup
Formulir pencalonan rangkap 5 diisi dan diketik rapi serta disetujui oleh pejabat berwenang
Surat rekomendasi pimpinan (minimal eselon 2)
Foto ukuran 4X6 berwarna, sebanyak 5 lembar
fotocopy ijazah dan transkrip nilai yang telah dilegalisir dalam telah diterjemahkan dalam bahasa Inggris
Medical examination yang ditandatangani oleh dokter yang berwenang
Hasil tes kemampuan Bahasa Inggris yang dibuktikan dengan misalnya TOEFL prediction minimal 500

Info lebih jelasnya silahkan hubungi KOICA Office Jakarta:
Ibu Clara
Kedutaan Besar Korea- Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
Jalan. Gatot Subroto No. 58, Lantai 5
Jakarta Selatan
Email: rien_claire@
Telp. 021-522-7771 ext 108
Fax. 021-5254735

Beasiswa S1 UI

15.5.09 |

Dear All,

LBI FIBUI is holding a scholarship workshop in May at Salemba Campus. If you
or someone you know has been trying (or planning) to win a scholarship, but is
in doubt because of its intricacy, here’s the answer.

Held in 3 sessions, the workshop will guide you all through the way to plan,
write, and present your scholarship proposal, as well as to train you to go
through the interview successfully. LBI Scholarship Workshop is a 9-hour
workshop to maximize your chances of winning a scholarship:

- How do I start to write a winning scholarship proposal?

- What personal information is crucial to include?

- How Should I organize my essay to get me noticed?

- What kinds of question should I anticipate for the interview?

- How can I give distinctive impression to the interviewer?

- What are the do’s and don’ts during the interview?

The workshop will be conducted in English by FIB UI lecturers who have ever won scholarships to pursue post-graduate study abroad.
Investment Rp. 400.000,00
for 3 session at LBI FIBUI Salemba at 20th,
22nd, and 27th of May 2009, 18.00-21.00.


LBI FIB UI Depok: Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Building V, 1st
floor. University
of Indonesia, Depok. Ph:
(021) 7864075, 78849082

LBI FIBUI Salemba: Jl. Salemba
Raya No: 4 Jakarta.
31930335, 3922436, 31902112

All the best,


Lembaga Bahasa
Internasional FIBUI

University of Indonesia’s Salemba

University of Indonesia’s Depok Campus

Ph. Salemba : (021) 31930335, 31902112, 3922436
Ph. Depok : (021) 7864075, 78849082

Cell. 0818160114



(PTK milik BPS di jl Otista 64C Jaktim)
Menerima Mhs Baru u/t.a 2009/2010
Pendaftaran : Waktu :15 juni- 17 juli 2009
tempat : STIS, atau kantor BPS prop. di seluruh Indonesia

Keuntungan :
1. Sekolah Gratis
2. Dapat uang saku per bulan
3. Lulus langsung kerja di BPS

Syaratnya : Lulus SMA/MA IPA, Nilai Math & B.Ing min. 7 di smtr 5&6, umur max 22 th pd tgl 1 okt 09. Info lebih lanjut hub: atau www.bps.go

Selamat Berburu..

Benito Rio Avianto

Beasiswa STAN Diploma I Kepabeanan, 2009

13.5.09 |

Sekedar informasi, pendaftaran seleksi mahasiswa baru STAN Diploma I Kepabeanan dan Cukai tinggal 8 hari lagi. Formulir dapat diunduuh di

Semoga bermanfaat...

Beasiswa Full Study di UNISMA Bekasi


Hai teman-teman, ada Beasiswa Fullbright 100% BEBAS BIAYA KULIAH sampai lulus lho. Di Universitas Islam “45” (Unisma) Bekasi, itu loch UNISMA Bekasi yang ada di samping pintu tol Bekasi Timur, universitas paling besar or terluas se-Bekasi.

UNISMA BEKASI menyediakan beasiswa Fullbright (100% bebas biaya kuliah)
terbuka untuk umum dengan persyaratan:

• Siswa SMA/SMK/MA Tahun Ajaran 2008/2009 (Fresh Graduate)
• Tidak pernah tinggal kelas.
• Nilai rata-rata raport minimal 7,00 untuk setiap semester.
• Nilai raport untuk Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Inggris dan Matematika rata-rata minimal 6,00 tiap semester.
• Surat Permohonan kepada Rektor UNISMA.
• Mengisi formulir dan biodata.
• Surat pernyataan yang disetujui orang tua.
• Surat pengantar dari Kepala Sekolah.
• Foto kopi rapor dari semester 1-5.
• Pas photo 4x6 berwarna 3 lembar
• Lampiran sertifikat-sertifikat prestasi (jika ada).

Peraih Beasiswa Fullbright dapat memilih salah satu program studi sebagai

1. Fakultas Agama Islam (FAI)
• Program Studi Tarbiyah/ Pendidikan Agama Islam (S1)
• Program Studi Syari'ah/Hukum Islam (S1)
• Perbankan Syariah (S1)
• PGRA (D2)

2. Fakultas Ekonomi (FE)
• Program Studi Manajemen (S1)
• Program Studi Akuntansi (S1 dan D3)
• Program Studi Komputer Akuntansi (D3)
• Program Studi Manajemen Keuangan Perbankan (D3)

3. Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik (FISIP)
• Program Studi Administrasi Negara (S1)
• Program Studi Ilmu Pemerintahan (S1)
• Program Studi Manajemen dan Administrasi (DIII)
• Program Studi Psikologi (S1)

4. Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (FKIP)
• Program Studi Pendidikan Jasmani, Kesehatan dan Rekreasi (Olahraga)(S1)
• Program Studi Pendidikan IPS (GEOGRAFI) (S1)

5. Fakultas Komunikasi, Sastra dan Bahasa (FKSB)
• Program Studi Ilmu Komunikasi (S1)
• Program Studi Sastra Inggris (S1)

6. Fakultas Pertanian (FAPERTA)
• Program Studi Agribisnis (S1)

7. Fakultas Teknik (FT)
• Program Studi Teknik Sipil (S1)
• Program Studi Teknik Komputer (D3)
• Program Studi Teknik Elektro (S1 dan D3)
• Program Studi Teknik Mesin (S1 dan D3)

Info lebih lengkap silahkan mampir yah ke
Disini teman-teman dapat langsung mendownload formulir beasiswanya.
Salam hangat,

Maharani Imran
Manajer Humas dan Pemasaran
Universitas Islam “45” (Unisma) Bekasi
Jl. Cut Meutia No.83 Bekasi
Phone/Fax. (021) 8808853

Fellowships in Development Economics University of Warsaw, POLAND

5.5.09 |

Fellowships in Development Economics

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economics (Poland)

Master of Arts in Development Economics (MADE) at Warsaw University, Faculty of Economics is a two year programme of 800 hours of teaching offering a high quality degree in development economics.

What is it?

MADE is a full time two-year graduate programme, offering 800 hours of high quality courses. Its aim is to provide necessary foundations in economics and policy design to future development specialists and advisors in international and governmental development agencies as well as non-governmental organisations. MADE is supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Poland, and meets educational standards of teaching development economics at European and American universities. Our international economics and development programmes attract students from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries (including many of the African states, South-East Asia and Latin America).

Why do we do it?The demand for experts in the field of development will be growing in the coming years, as the understanding of the important role of institutions dealing with international development organisations is growing in both aid receiving and aid providing countries. Highly qualified professional staff is needed everywhere where aid strategies are being developed, where reforms in market organisation and social policies are implemented, while within the local authorities there is growing recognition of the role external advisors can play in these processes.

Who do we do it for? Graduates of the MADE acquire a thorough knowledge in the field of economics and development policies and hands-on experience with various analytical tools for project analysis in the field of infrastructure development, education, healthcare and social policy. Graduates learn how to make individual decisions and solve problems associated with identification of development goals and their management, as well as assessment, by using quantitative and qualitative analysis. These skills are essential while working for both international institutions (United Nations and its agendas, World Bank, OECD, European Commission etc.), as well as public administration and research centres in particular countries. MADE also constitutes a very good starting point for Ph.D. studies.

What does quality mean to us? We are more than committed to high quality teaching, creating conditions for a stimulating and international environment. Professors teaching in MADE come from widely recognised universities and research institutes throughout Europe. They all have diverse background and outstanding record of publications in the field. And they really are available! Every student has access to growing on-line resources of the programme as well as receives personalised teaching materials. We also organise international research seminars and meetings with successful economists and development experts. Students are invited to participate in research projects as well as supported in developing their own. We also provide a space for scientific publication and creative discussions.

Admissions Candidates are selected on the principle of academic excellence as shown by their transcripts of records. Recruitment Committee carefully reviews all applications assuring individual attention.

Prospective students are requested to submit complete applications till May 31st.

An application file consists of an application form (to be downloaded from the website), official transcript of records, two letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose detailing research interests, professional goals, and reasons for applying to the program as well as a certified copy of the degree (which can be delivered later). If any of the above listed documents will be made available to you after the application deadline, contact us for specific instructions. MADE is designed for students, who majored in economics, mathematics, business, or social sciences and want to make Development Economics their main fields of study. Candidates should hold an undergraduate degree (Bachelor or equivalent degree).

All information is available For further information, please contact MADE Team at e-mail:

Information package may be downloaded from

Application has to be received by 31. May 2009.

Beasiswa Sampoerna Foundation untuk lulusan SMA/SMU


From: Wahono Wahono
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 1:28 PM
To: _SFAllUsers; _SFTIAllUsers
Subject: Program Beasiswa Tingkat Sarjana Kependidikan Putera Sampoerna School of Education 2009 Intake




SAMPOERNA SCHOOL of EDUCATION (SSE) adalah Institusi Keguruan yang menyelenggarakan program Sarjana Pendidikan (Strata 1), didirikan oleh SAMPOERNA FOUNDATION bertujuan untuk menciptakan generasi baru guru Indonesia yang menguasai metode pengajaran terkini, mampu mengajar secara bilingual dan mengoptimalkan penggunaan teknologi dalam pembelajaran.

Lulusan dari SSE akan menjadi jawaban atas kebutuhan sekolah bertaraf internasional, sekolah nasional dan nasional plus terhadap guru profesional masa depan.


a. Jurusan Pendidikan Matematika (Sarjana Pendidikan)

b. Jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris (Sarjana Pendidikan)


a. Beasiswa FULL BOARD

Beasiswa yang diberikan meliputi Biaya Pendidikan dan Biaya Hidup selama 4 tahun atau 8 semester

b. Beasiswa TUITION FEE

Beasiswa yang diberikan adalah Biaya Pendidikan selama 4 tahun atau 8 semester

Aplikan diperbolehkan mendaftar pada salah satu jenis beasiswa yang tercantum di atas sesuai dengan kondisi dan persyaratan yang berlaku.


Tabel 3.1 Persyaratan Dasar



· Lulus SMA atau setara pada tahun 2007, atau 2008, atau duduk di SMA kelas 12 pada saat mendaftar di Sampoerna School of Education.

· Lulusan SMA atau setara, dan berusia tidak lebih dari 30 tahun pada tanggal 9 September 2009.

· Warga Negara Indonesia.

· Warga Negara Indonesia.

· Nilai rata-rata raport 7,00 selama masa SMA (kelas 10 sampai dengan kelas 12) dengan nilai Matematika dan Bahasa Inggris minimum 7,00 .

· Nilai rata-rata minimum rapor SMA kelas 10 sampai kelas 12 adalah 7,00 untuk mata pelajaran Matematika atau Bahasa Inggris (sesuai jurusan yang dipilih)

· Membuktikan kebutuhan tunjangan keuangan untuk melanjutkan pendidikan.

· Prestasi di bidang akademik, seni dan, atau olah raga akan menjadi nilai tambah.

· Lulus proses seleksi beasiswa.

· Sehat jasmani dan rohani

· Lulus proses seleksi beasiswa.

Tabel 3.2 Persyaratan Dokumen



· Fotokopi rapor SMA kelas 10 - 12 (semester 5) yang dilegalisir

· Fotokopi rapor SMA kelas 10 - 12 (semester 5) yang dilegalisir

· Hasil UAN bagi yang sudah lulus SMA pada saat mendaftar (legalisir)

· Hasil UAN bagi yang sudah lulus SMA pada saat mendaftar (legalisir)

· Foto Kopi KTP atau Kartu Pelajar (2 lbr)

· Foto Kopi KTP atau Kartu Pelajar (2 lbr)

· Pas Foto ukuran 4 X 6 berwarna 2 lembar

· Pas Foto ukuran 4 X 6 berwarna 2 lembar

· Surat referensi dari kepala sekolah atau guru BK

· Surat referensi dari kepala sekolah/guru BK ATAU Surat referensi dari atasan (jika sudah bekerja pada saat mendaftar)

· Surat referensi dari wali kelas

· 1 Lembar Fotokopi Kartu Keluarga (KK)

· 1 lembar fotokopi KTP kedua orang tua

· Surat keterangan kesehatan yang dikeluarkan oleh rumah sakit / Puskesmas

· 1 Lembar Fotokopi Kartu Keluarga (KK)

· Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu yang dikeluarkan oleh RT / RW atau kelurahan

· Surat keterangan kesehatan yang dikeluarkan oleh rumah sakit / Puskesmas


à Mengisi formulir pendaftaran dan form referensi (form terlampir)

à Menjawab secara singkat Pernyataan Pribadi dan Pertanyaan Esai yang tercantum pada hal. 4 formulir pendaftaran sesuai petunjuk yang tertera.

à Melengkapi persyaratan dokumen pendukung seperti tercantum pada tabel 3.2 Persyaratan Dokumen

à Mengirimkan Formulir Pendaftaran, Form Referensi dan dokumen pendukung yang sudah lengkap selambat - lambatnya tanggal ;

· 1 Mei 2009 (untuk aplikan Beasiswa Tution Fee)

· 20 Mei 2009 (untuk aplikan Beasiswa Full Board)

Ditujukan ke alamat ;

Sampoerna Strategic Square, Tower A lantai 26

Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 45

Jakarta Selatan 12930

Attn : (Syeron / Wahono)




Thank you and regards,


Program Department

Putera Sampoerna Foundation

Sampoerna Strategic Square

North Tower, 26th Floor

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45, Jakarta 12930

Phone: 62 21 577 2340 ext. 7131

Fax: 62 21 577 2341

tips: online research with zotero


dear all,

i just want to share a tips for online research & managing bibliography.

online research is very popular way of finding information.
the traditional way of managing those resources by saving the pages manually.
however, by using this method, it is difficult to manage
bibliographical information.
URL, author, accessed date, title, of the web page are not saved when
it is stored to our local storage.

if you are using firefox (the most popular browser on earth), there is
an add-ons named zotero which helps you much for your internet

benefit of using zotero:
- you can create your own library
- bibliographical information is easy to manage
- you can export bibliographical information in different styles
(harvard, MIT, etc), and put it into other applications. eg. ms word.
- you can manage bibliographical information from varies source. eg.
magazines, books, etc.
- you can add notes into your zotero entry. like annotated bibliography.
- zotero can read bibliography information from pdf files.

in my opinion, this tool is very helpful while writing my academic paper.

so i really recommend this tool for you.
hope you enjoy it.


Achmad Mardiansyah


for installation, please go:

for manual guide, please go:

Beasiswa ke Australia beasiswa Advanced Diploma / Certificate II di Australia


Hi all,

Australia Scholarship Pty Ltd menawarkan beasiswa penuh untuk belajar di
Aces Centre College, Sydney, Australia dan meraih gelar Advance Diploma in
Accounting / Information Techonology / Certificate II in Information
Technology. Batas waktu pendaftaran : 20 Juli 2009.

Info selengkapnya, silahkan lihat di dokumen yang dilampirkan

atau klik

atau hubungi

Nusy Febrica (Ms.) di

atau telepon ke +61 2 9279 0535

Kind Regards,

Nusy Febrica

Beasiswa ke Mesir untuk s1, s2 dan s3


dubes mesir membuka pendaftaran bagi yang berminat untuk melanjutkan S1, S2, S3 di Universitas Al-azhar Cairo. untuk S1 disediakan jatah untuk 90 orang, sedangkan S2 dan S3 hanya disediakan untuk 15 orang...
pendaftaran diadakan pada tanggal 1 mei sampai 8 mei 2009.
sedangkan ujian akan diadakan pada tanggal 10 mei 2009..
untuk info selengkapnya kunjungi

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