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Siemens Master Scholarship to Foreign to Study in Germany

28.1.08 |

Since 1997, Siemens has awarded scholarships abroad Master Bachelor graduates and enabled them to study in Germany. At the beginning of the 2006/2007 academic year, the Scholarship Program Masters Siemens will continue in cooperation with the best German universities.

Each university is awarded a maximum of five scholarships. In agreement with Siemens, the university awards these grants to excellent candidates supported by the country.
Middle East and Eastern Europe:
Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, the Baltic States, Russia, Bulgaria and Slovenia.
China, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and India.

Academics are eligible to participate in one of the master’s courses jointly identified and to meet the criteria for applying to university.

In addition to financial contributions, we offer seminars and special training (language courses, intercultural seminars), to provide on-the-job assignments, supported by researchers in the creation of their master thesis and offer comprehensive supervision and counselling.

The Siemens master’s program aims to promote highly talented students from abroad, increasing the potential of experts and senior executives of Siemens and help them develop their full potential. In addition, it contributes to the internationalization and competitiveness of the German university and start networking.

Siemens selects candidates on the basis of the following documents:

1. Full CV (curriculum vitae)
2. Detailed explanation of the reasons for participation in the Master’s course favorite (letter),
3. Conditional acceptance letter from PGE,
4. Two reference letters from professors of his country of origin
5. Bachelor’s degree or a diploma certificate (copy of the original or certified translation)
6. High-school certificate or diploma equivalent school certificate (copy of the original and certified translation).

Fellows receive different types of support: It is limited to a maximum of 24 months and paid in the form of a monthly grant of subsistence. The fellowship begins on October 1 of the first academic year. The monthly financial support is EUR 755. In addition, each researcher receives money starting to 600 euros. School fees will not be paid. In addition, researchers will take part in four weeks of intensive German language courses, which takes place before the end of the study. Siemens pays the fee for the course, accommodation and pocket money of 400 euros for each participant. Several weeks after the start of the study, Siemens invites participants to a session opening in Munich. The event allows researchers to better understand the business, make contacts with other researchers and to start network. In addition, each researcher is also invited to a regional meeting students from other programs.

Below is any further information on the international Generation21-Website.

Send if interested, all the documents needed in a Word file to the e-mail address: until the deadline, which is April 30.
We accept only online applications. All documents must be in the correct order as indicated above. Documents to be scanned, you can scan in an appropriate quality and insert them to the Word File. Make sure the size of this file does not extend 9.5 MB.

Siemens Master Scholarship to Foreign Bachelor Graduates and enabled them to study in Germany.

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