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Beasiswa Phd di Belanda

9.5.08 |

Beasiswa Phd di Belanda

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Two PhD-researchers on heritage formation in colonial and postcolonial Indonesia and the Netherlands
Amsterdam, 1081, (Noord-Holland), VU University Amsterdam

Job description

Two PhD-researchers
Faculty of Arts, Department of History
Political history, cultural history and global history are three
main foci of the Department of History’s contemporary research
programme. The section of Political History focuses on issues of
nationbuilding, citizenship and political culture in its relationship
to processes of signification, inclusion and exclusion. Histories of
colonialism and decolonisation are important in this respect.

Research project
Within the broader context of the NWO-programme on Cultural
Dynamics two PhD-posts have been formulated for the research programme
Sites, Bodies and Stories. The Dynamics of Heritage Formation in
Colonial and Postcolonial Indonesia and the Netherlands. These are:

1 –Physical Anthropology, Colonial Practice and Cultural Policies;
2 –Performing identity, Shaping Heritage – Wayang puppet theatre
and the dynamics of heritage formation in contemporary Indonesia.

Both PhD researchers are supposed to develop the research questions
formulated in the Sites, Bodies and Stories outline, and push these
further. These are leading questions, which have been drafted for a
collaborative project with many stakeholders involved.
Interdisciplinary collaboration and sharing of research results will be
at stake in each phase of the progamme. Research will take place within
the context of the new VU research institute on Heritage, Urban
Landscapes and Cultural Environments CLUE.

University Graduate
•Research MA or double MA in history and/or other relevant academic disciplines;
•solid working knowledge on Indonesian history, culture and contemporary society;
•experience with sources and academic practices in Dutch colonialism;
•conceptual approach to tangible and intangible heritage and
experience with the representation of culture in museums or academic
institutions like laboratories;
•experience with research outside the Netherlands, preferably in Indonesia. Basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia is an advantage;
•experience with collection databases and international communication through digital platforms.

VU University Amsterdam Faculty of Arts
Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has
been a renowned cultural, scientific and commercial centre for many
centuries. It was here, in 1880, that the VU University Amsterdam first
opened its doors to students. VU stands for 'Vrije Universiteit', which
means 'Free University'. Here, 'free' refers to freedom of state and
church interference. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam was established in
1880 by orthodox protestants. Nowadays it aims to be inspiring,
innovative and involved.

Throughout the past century, the university has continued to
expand. It now comprises twelve faculties and has teaching facilities
for 18,000 students.

Click here for an overview of faculties and institutes:

The university campus and university hospital are situated in the
south-western part of Amsterdam, one of the most dynamic and
fast-growing business districts in the Netherlands. The international
airport of Schiphol-Amsterdam is 10 kilometres away, just 8 minutes by
train. With more than fifty undergraduate (or bachelor’s) programmes
and almost a hundred postgraduate (or master’s) programmes, the Vrije
Universiteit Amsterdam offers a wide choice of study options. The
programmes are of a high quality, the atmosphere is very conducive to
study, and the teaching staff is easily accessible.

The new Department of Language and
Communication brings linguists from various language backgrounds
together in one department and is responsible for a range of BA and MA
degrees in the Faculty of Arts. The English language section is one of
the main groups in the department, with a permanent staff of seven. It
contributes English linguistics and high-level English language skills
courses to BA degrees in English, Communication & Information
Sciences, and Language & Communication Studies, as well as to MA
degrees in English, Linguistics, Communication & Information
Sciences, and ICT & Translation.
Conditions of employment

Employment basis: Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract: temporary

Additional conditions of employment:
The PhD-researchers will spend part of their research time in
Indonesia, and will also collaborate within the Netherlands with
Indonesian researchers and MA students. Throughout the research
programme, improvement of communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia will
be required.
We want to mention that for both PhD posts qualified candidates
are known to the programme leaders. However, others who apply will be
offered a fair chance. The PhD researchers are supposed to spend a one
year minimum 0,1 fte to the education programme in the BA phase of
History, related to their research. A contract of employment is
offered, initially for a period of 12 months, extendable to 45 months
upon a positive evaluation. More information about our fringe benefits
you can find on:

The salary is based on the salary scales for academic staff. The salary in the first year amounts to
€ 2.000,- gross per month, increasing to € 2.558,- gross per month in the fourth year.
Additional Information

Or additional information can be obtained through one of the following links.
* About the organization
* About the department
* About the function

You can apply for this job before 19-05-2008 by sending your application to:

VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Arts
Dr. G.J. Nijsten
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
E-mail address:

For more information please contact Prof Dr. S.Legêne, by phone +31 (20) 59 82938,

Send your application (with the vacancy number on the top left side
of the letter and the envelope or in the e-mail header) before May 19th
2008 to the VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Arts, attn. Dr. GJ.M.
Nijsten, Managing Director De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, or by e-mail to:

When applying for this job always mention the vacancy number 1.2008.00129.

The short URL code for this job opening is: 00353-606.
You can use this as a direct link to the job by adding the code to the URL

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