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VIB Ph.D. Program

11.12.08 |

VIB Ph.D. Program

Get your Ph.D. at VIB !
Students interested in obtaining their Ph.D. at VIB have several options:
* International students, including those with an EU-nationality, can apply to VIB’s International Ph.D. Program.
* Students with an EU-nationality can additionaly apply for a grant from the IWT or the FWO for their Ph.D. at VIB (Flemish Ph.D. Program).
* Flemish students can apply for an IWT or FWO grant for their Ph.D. at VIB (Flemish Ph.D. Program).

1. VIB International Ph.D. Program

The 2009 call for application opens November 1, 2008.
Application deadline is February 15, 2009!

Each year, VIB selects 4 candidates for a fully funded 4-year Ph.D. program. VIB offers challenging interdisciplinary research projects with individual guidance and support.
VIB is located in Flanders, Belgium, in the centre of Europe, with easy access to other European countries. More than one third of all researchers have their roots outside Belgium, making VIB a vibrant international and intercultural community. Practical information about living in Flanders is also provided on this website.

The VIB International Ph.D. Program is aimed towards non-Belgians currently living abroad. Candidates should hold a university degree or satisfy equivalent requirements to start a doctoral program at a Flemish university. For more information about the program, click on admission requirements and application.

Download our pdf-advertisement for the VIB International Ph.D. program 2009 (pdf - 147kb)

2. VIB Flemish Ph.D.Program

VIB hosts about 340 Ph.D. students who work in the different VIB research departments. Most Ph.D. students enter VIB with a Ph.D. fellowship obtained through the university or one of the competitive Flemish (IWT, FWO) or international (EC-MC) granting bodies.
If there are new Ph.D. projects available in the different departments, you can find them here (some info in Dutch). Please make sure to contact a VIB group leader well in advance of the grant deadline to coördinate your application to these granting bodies.

About VIB
VIB, the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology, is an entrepreneurial research institute. Over 1000 scientists and technicians in 65 research groups conduct research in a wide range of life science domains. VIB’s main objective is to understand the mechanisms that are responsible for normal development such as angiogenesis, apoptosis, plant growth and development, and diseases such as cancer, inflammation, neurodegeneration and haemophilia.

Established in 1996, VIB has Research Departments at four Flemish universities: Ghent University, the K.U.Leuven, The University of Antwerp, and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Within its different research departments, VIB has world class research groups in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, structural biology, systems biology, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology and proteomics.
In addition to biomedical research on human diseases, VIB scientists use yeast, Drosophila, Xenopus, Arabidopsis, poplar, zebrafish and mice as model systems to address fundamental questions in the field of molecular life sciences.

VIB also pursues an active technology transfer policy. VIB’s innovative research and inventions are protected by patents. These are either actively licensed out to national and international companies, or form the basis for setting up new bio high-tech companies.

There are many applications of gene technology. VIB develops scientifically founded information and documentation on gene technology and its social applications. VIB communicates biotechnology related information to specific target groups such as politicians, press, youngsters and a general public consisting of non-specialists.

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