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Pertukaran Pelajar Jawa Barat

2.4.09 |

The Department of Youth and Sports of West Java Province has announced its
decision on this year selection. It will be the same as previous year, which is
conducted in two phases of selection process. In the first phase, participants
should pass the selection conducted by Department of National Education, Sec.
Outer School Education and Sport of Daerah Tingkat II (Kabupaten/Kota) .
Therefore, participants should immediately contact their local department above
(e.g. Dinas Pendidikan Kota Bandung or Kab. Bogor etc) on how and when will be
the selection process conducted.

Each selected participants from each Kab/Kota final result (quota based) will be
selected through thorough process of selection in the second phase, which is the
Province level. It is held through quarantine method. This year province level
selection will be conducted in 13 - 15 April 2009 in Hotel Talagasari,

Every participant who pass the first phase will have a Letter of Recommendation
(LoR) from authorized Kab/Kota Department to be submitted to the committee
during the Registration (check in) by 13 April 2009. The LoR is your ticket to
join the province’s selection.

Please Note that there will be a long weekend holiday from 9 - 12 April 2009
(due to the election and good friday), so each Kab/Kota selection will be held
before the long weekend holiday (e.g Selection of Kota Bandung will be on 7
April 2009). Therefore, the soonest you apply to your local department, the
biggest chance you have to get through to the province level.

Clear Info check or

We Wish You Good Luck and See You in Talagasari:)

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