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tips: online research with zotero

5.5.09 |

dear all,

i just want to share a tips for online research & managing bibliography.

online research is very popular way of finding information.
the traditional way of managing those resources by saving the pages manually.
however, by using this method, it is difficult to manage
bibliographical information.
URL, author, accessed date, title, of the web page are not saved when
it is stored to our local storage.

if you are using firefox (the most popular browser on earth), there is
an add-ons named zotero which helps you much for your internet

benefit of using zotero:
- you can create your own library
- bibliographical information is easy to manage
- you can export bibliographical information in different styles
(harvard, MIT, etc), and put it into other applications. eg. ms word.
- you can manage bibliographical information from varies source. eg.
magazines, books, etc.
- you can add notes into your zotero entry. like annotated bibliography.
- zotero can read bibliography information from pdf files.

in my opinion, this tool is very helpful while writing my academic paper.

so i really recommend this tool for you.
hope you enjoy it.


Achmad Mardiansyah


for installation, please go:

for manual guide, please go:

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