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Open Positions at Umeå University

18.6.09 |

Bagi yang ingin merasakan hidup dan belajar dekat kutub utara :)

Linknya disini:

Open Positions at Umeå University

Umeå University welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and
academic disciplines.

Your complete application should include the requested documents in
the job listing. If you apply to more than one position, you should
send all documents for every position, so the respective department
can have the chance to review your submittal in its entirety. It is
important to mark your application with the appropriate reference

The university saves application documents, including attachments, for
two years. If desired, the documents can be returned. Documents sent
electronically should be in pdf or word format. Applications for
professors, senior lecturers and PhD student positions should be sent
in paper form, not electronically, if mentioned.

Please note: The list of current vacancies below are sorted by the
date they are posted in our database. For application deadlines and
reference numbers, read the complete job description by clicking the
job title link.
Current Vacancies

[2009-06-17] Two Postdoctoral Fellows in Environmental Chemistry, 2 years

[2009-06-12] Two PhD student positions in Sociology

[2009-06-09] 6 forskarassistenter/6 positions as Assistant Professor

[2009-06-08] Professor in Literacy

[2009-06-08] Professor in ICT, Media and Learning

[2009-06-08] Professor in Special Education

[2009-06-08] Professor in Measurement and Evaluation (profile Evaluation)

[2009-06-08] Professor in Measurement and Evaluation (profile Measurement)

[2009-06-08] PhD Student Position in Theoretical Physics at Integrated
Science Lab (IceLab)

[2009-06-08] Postdoctoral fellowships in the area Biotechnology for
the biorefinery

[2009-06-04] PhD position(s) in the subject of Medical Science with an
orientation towards: Anatomy

[2009-06-03] Three PhD positions in chemistry

[2009-06-02] Post Doc Position in Lens Developmental Biology

[2009-06-01] Ph.D. student position in Chemisty at Computational Life
Science Cluster

[2009-05-28] PhD student position in Molecular Biology

[2009-05-26] Postdoctoral position in wireless multimedia sensor
networks (2 years)

[2009-05-26] PhD student position in theoretical physics

[2009-05-20] PhD position in Molecular Microbiology

[2009-05-19] Post-doctoral position (two years) in the Ageing and
Living Conditions Programme

[2009-05-08] Two Ph.D.-students in Social and Economic Geography

[2009-05-05] Assistant professor in the field of printable solar cells

[2009-04-30] Four PhD studentships

[2009-04-29] PhD student position in Social and Economic Geography

[2009-04-29] PhD-position in Social and Economic Geography

[2009-04-23] Five PhD student positions in sociology

[2009-03-19] Post-doctoral position at the Department of Medical
Biosciences, Pathology

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