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31.7.09 |

Please find below a PHd position offer,

Title: Fast and accurate radio propagation models for indoor and
indoor/outdoor radio network planning and optimisation.

Supervisors: Guillaume Villemaud / Jean-Marie Gorce

Place: CITI Lab - INSA Lyon, France; and Ranplan Wireless Network Design
Ltd.- UK


In the framework of the iPLAN European project the aim of this thesis is to enhance the computational efficiency and to adjust the complexity-accuracy trade-off of the MR-FDPF (Multi-Resolution Frequency Domain Partial Flows) method for indoor radio coverage prediction. This method, particularly efficient for indoor propagation, is devoted to be implemented in a radio
network planning tool. This tool needs to propose all kind of modern radio link conditions: indoor, outdoor, indoor to outdoor, outdoor to indoor, for 3G/4G, WLAN or WMAN (WiMax), from macrocells to femtocells.

Thus, the study will contain four main parts:

-computational efficiency enhancement of the MR-FDPF method;
-implementation of statistical analysis of radio channel behaviour
rather than only considering mean power level;
-integration of our indoor propagation tool into a wide areas
simulation tool with other propagation methods such as ray-tracing in
collaboration with other partners;
-measurement campaigns and model calibration.

The PhD candidate will work the first year in the CITI Lab of INSA Lyon in order to propose all possible enhancements on the MR-FDPF method and will be associated to the SWING INRIA project team (at INSA Lyon, France). Then he will spend two years seconded in Ranplan Wireless Network Design Ltd, partnet of the iPLAN project (located in Luton, UK). Ranplan's R&D department is expected to launch an automatic planning tool, and the results of this work will contribute to this innovating tool.

[1] G. de La Roche, K. Jaffres-Runser and J-M. Gorce. "On
predicting Indoor WLAN coverage with a fast discrete approach,"
International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation. Vol 2, No 1, 2007, pp.3-12.
[2] J-M. Gorce, K. Jaffres-Runser and G. De La Roche.
"Deterministic Approach for Fast Simulations of Indoor Radio Wave
Propagation," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation. Vol 55, Issue 3, Part 2, March 2007, pp.938-948.


Prof Jean-Marie Gorce
head of SWING team, INRIA
bat Claude Chappe
6 avenue des Arts
69621 Villeurbanne cedex
tel : 33 4 72436068

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