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Ph.D position: Monitoring cellular activity using SECM

1.11.09 |

Job description

Multicellular spheroids play an important role in the fields of tissue engineering and tumor biology as models for tissues since these 3D cell aggregates better mimic in vivo conditions, by reproducing nutrient and signal gradients, cell-cell contacts as well as extracellular matrix (ECM) interactions. We have developed in collaboration with the group of Tissue Regeneration (BMTI, U. Twente) a novel technique for preparing large amounts of small-sized (<>

The Ph.D candidate will focus on the SECM-based characterization of spheroids. His/her work will start by mapping the respiratory activity of cells (O2consumption) of cells in a 3D cell aggregate and to correlate this with the cell fate and the formation of functional microtissues; cell death, proliferation or differentiation present different respiration patterns/level. Following this, the candidate will focus on angiogenesis or the formation/sprouting of capillaries, and this can be seen via the detection of the released NO. Last, the candidate will use SECM as a technique to map the reorganization of cells in functional microtissues.

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Ferry Haris

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