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Beasiswa di Aalto University, Finland

3.2.10 |

Aalto University announces several postdoctoral research vacancies

Aalto University is announcing several postdoctoral research posts in the University's different research fields. The vacancies announced are in the units that performed especially well in an international research assessment ( Aalto University rewards these units with a total of fourteen (14) postdoctoral research posts between 1st August 2010 and 31st December 2012. In addition, other postdoctoral tasks of different lengths, starting on 1st of August 2010, are announced vacant in the rewarded units.

The aim of the work of the postdoctoral researchers is to support and further strengthen the research areas within the units' research profile. Their task will include research as well as teaching and supervision related to the research field. In addition, a postdoctoral researcher can be asked to perform other tasks related to research and teaching.

The applicant's chances are improved by a doctoral examination that was performed speedily and successfully. For filling up the positions, the emphasis is on the quality of the applicant's earlier scientific research and international experience as well as having a convincing research plan that meets the units' needs well. The persons to be selected must have completed their doctoral examination before the start of the postdoctoral period. The tasks require fluency in the English language (knowledge of Finland's two official languages is not required).

More details about the vacancies, required application documents and the fields where the positions are made available can be found on the following pages:

Aalto University School of Economics

- Department of Business Technology (1 position in Information Economy and/or Service Science)

Aalto University School of Art and Design

- Department of Design (1 position Design Collaboration)
- Department of Media (1 position in Experimental Interfaces and Interaction Design and 1 position in Photography)

Aalto University School of Science and Technology

- Department of Applied Physics (at least 2 positions, several research areas)
- Department of Automation and Systems Technology (1 position in Safety of Intelligent Mobile Work Machines)
- Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science (4 positions in several research areas ranging from neuroscience to computational sociology)
- Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Technology (at least 1 position, several research areas)
- Department of Information and Computer Science (4 positions, several research areas)
- Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis (1 position in Statistics and 1 position in Operations Research)
- Department of Radio Science and Engineering (several research areas)
- Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics (several research areas)
- Low Temperature Laboratory (1 Position in Quantum Metrology Triangle at the Physics Research Unit and 1 Position in Neural Connectivity in Human Cognition at the Brain Research Unit

- Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (1 position in Computational Techniques and Modelling), Aalto University, and University of Helsinki

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