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Leiden-DIKTI, Leiden University PhD scholarship

7.12.12 |

For Whom?

Indonesian university lecturers and prospective lecturers who will take a full PhD study at Leiden University.


All programmes offered by Leiden University


  • January 2013: application to the Graduate Schools
  • 10 March 2013: application for the scholarship
  • 1 April 2013: application to DIKTI


Maximum of 48 months for a full PhD study at Leiden University.

Scholarship Amount

  • Living allowance:
1100 euro monthly
  • Insurance:
800 euro annually
  • Book allowance:
500 euro annually
  • Settling in allowance:
1000 euro (one time only)
  • International travel cost:
1 international return ticket
  • Writing dissertation allowance:
500 euro (one time only)
  • Special program allowance:
500 Euro (one time only)
  • Fees of 10,000 euro per year, as charged by Leiden University


  • the applicant is currently a (candidate) lecturer of an Indonesian state or private university; Lecturers from private universities need an endorsement letter from KOPERTIS; Lecturers from Islamic universities under the authority of the ministry of Religious Affairs are not eligible.
  • the applicant has received a valid unconditional Letter of Acceptance from Leiden University
  • the applicant holds a master degree (or equivalent)
  • the applicant should not be more than 50 years old at the time when they register their application
  • the applicants who are couples (husband and wife) and working in the same scientific field are not allowed to apply to the same university and / or guided by the same promotor/advisor
  • have sufficient proficiency in English: DIKTI requires an IELTS score of at least 6.0 (TOEFL 570 paper-based / 230 computer-based) or equivalent. Most faculties of Leiden University will demand higher IELTS scores. Please contact the for the language requirements.

Application Procedure

Find a supervisor
A PhD at Leiden consists of independent and original research under the supervision of a professor. ou can contact a professor yourself to discuss your research plan or you can contact the Graduate School of the Faculty.
More about finding a supervisor 

Applicants for the Faculty of Humanities will need to send in their CV, research proposal (max 5 pages) and research plan (max 2 pages) to this email address before 8 January 2013 and preferably need to be available for interviews in Yogyakarta and Jakarta between 21-27 January 2013

November, December, Early January
Apply to the Graduate School 

After you and the proposed supervisor agree on your research proposal and research plan, apply to the Graduate School of the Faculty where you plan to conduct your PhD research.

Take into account that the application process might take 4 to 6 weeks!

If you are admitted, you will receive an unconditional Letter of Admission from the Graduate School

January 2013

Before 01 March
Apply for the DIKTI-LU scholarship at Leiden University

Send essential documents to

  • Your Letter of Admission to the Graduate School
  • A research proposal (maximum 5 pages) and a detailed research plan for the 4 years of research (maximum 2 pages)
  • A CV which should include academic achievements and language proficiency of the nominated candidate
Before 10 March
Based on the received applications, Leiden University will create a list of nominated candidates and communicate this to DIKTI. The candidates nominated by Leiden University will receive a financial guarantee statement, required for the application to DIKTI.

20 March
Application for the DIKTI-LU scholarship at DIKTI
Candidates will have to log-in to Dikti’s website to register and get registration number and download a Form A DIKTI-Neso Scholarship

Candidates will submit the following documents to DIKTI:
  • Form A DIKTI-Neso Scholarship
  • 3 recommendation letters from Indonesian Professors
  • Endorsement Letter from the Rector of the candidate’s university;
  • Endorsement Letter from KOPERTIS, for lecturers from private universities
  • Prove of being a permanent lecturer, e.g. Appointment Letter by the Minister of National Education, or Contract
  • Or being a prospective lecturer in one of the following fields of study: Agriculture, Engineering, Medical and Nursing Sciences, Science Education, Art and Culture, Sport Science, Disaster Management, Vocational Education and Early Childhood Education, Management of Higher Education, Regional and International Languages.
  • Copy of legalised diploma and transcript from bachelor and masters degrees.
  • Proof of Language proficiency (IELTS is 6.0 or higher)
All documents be submitted to DIKTI:

Direktorat Pendidik & Tenaga Kependidikan,
Ditjen Pendidikan Tinggi, Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan
Gedung D lt. 5
Jl. Pintu 1 Senayan, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman
Jakarta 10270

Before 01 April
DIKTI will interview candidates and checks whether the candidate fulfills all formal requirements

April - July
Apply for a visa (MVV) and a residence permit (VVR)
See procedures at the Leiden University website

Estimated: July - August
(Planned) Start of PhD programme
01 Sep 2013

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