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Beasiswa Pemerintah Austria untuk Mahasiswa Indonesia 2014

11.1.13 |

Indonesia - Austria Scholarship Programme
country of origin:Indonesia
target country:Austria
area of study or research:
Natural Sciences
Technical Sciences
Agriculture and Forestry, Veterinary Medicine
Social Sciences, Law and Economics
type of grant:
Grants, research promotion
detailed type of grant:
semester and/or one-year grant

national, international

target Group:

authority awarding grant:
Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD-GmbH) on behalf of and financed by the Ministry of Education and Directorate General of Higher Education of Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (DIKTI)

36 months (9 months preparatory phase at the beginning)

up to 20 new scholarships per study year

grant benefit paid:
1) Monthly grant rate €1200
2) Accident and health insurance, accommodation
a) if necessary, the OeAD-GmbH will contract an accident and health insurance on behalf of the grant recipient.
b) The OeAD-GmbH will endeavour to provide accommodation (student hall of residence or flat) for scholarship holders who wish to get accommodation arranged. Accommodation services are done by the OeAD Housing office. Monthly costs: EUR 220 bis EUR 470 (depending on how much comfort the scholarship holder wants). An administration fee of EUR 18 per month is payable to the OeAD Housing Office. The costs for insurance and accommodation have to be paid out of the grant by the scholarship holder.
3) travel costs subsidy (for arrival and departure) will be paid by Indonesian authority
closing date for applications:
15.01.2013 (= Deadline !)

where to submit your application:
OeAD - Mag. Tuan Trieu Ha, Bakk
application form:
can be found here.

The following documents have to be submitted: - letter of acknowledgement from a supervisor of the Austrian host University
(Without an acknowledgement from a supervisor of the Austrian host University the application will not be considered)
- short description of study project (2-4 pages, title, content, methodology, time table) which has been agreed on with the future supervisor in Austria.
- one letter of recommendation by university lecturers (no specific form required: they must contain the letterhead, date and signature of the person recommending the applicant and the stamp of the university/department and must not be older than six months at the time of application.)
- Scan of passport
(Page with name and photo)
- Scan of transcripts and graduation certificates of former studies (Diploma, Bachelor, Master, PhD or Doctoral studies)
Advice on how to apply:
Eligible for application are: a) Postgraduates pursuing a doctoral/PhD programme at a university in Indonesia
b) Postgraduates who qualify for a doctoral/PhD programme in Austria

A letter of acknowledgement from an Austrian supervisor is a prerequisite for a successful application.
Maximum age:35 years or maximum 5 years after graduating from a master course, whichever applies.

Good knowledge of English and/or German for the respective study programme in Austria has to be proved.

Incomplete applications as well as those not complying with the specific conditions will not take part in the selection process.
selection procedure:
Selection through an Austrian-Indonesian Board of Experts. The nomination of the Austrian representatives within this board is done by ASEA-UNINET.

Process: After submission of the documents to the OeAD, preselected candidates will be invited to an Interview in Indonesia. Nominated candidates apply for admission in an Austrian university. In the same time they have to submit a second application to the DIKTI. The decision about the final scholarship award will be made after successful admission.
further information
The selection process for all grants for Austria is competitive, i.e. there is no legal claim to a grant even if all application requirements are fulfilled.

Applicants should take into consideration § 1 of the Data Protection Act, Federal Law Gazette of the Republic of Austria No. 165/1999, as amended, that the personal details contained in the application will be passed on to the authority dealing with their application, the contractual partners, the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs and in the exchange as well as to other authorities awarding grants in Austria and will expressly agree with that.

Further information can be found here :

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