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Info beasiswa di TUDelft Kanada

13.2.13 |

PhD position at TUDelft

PhD: Urban Governance of Hyper-Diversified Toronto
Faculty/department: TUDelft, OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment
Level: The candidate holds a Master’s degree, and applies for a PhD position
Maximum employment: Maximum of 38 hours per week (1 FTE)
Duration of contract: 1 year initially with prospect of 3-year extension
Salary scale: €2,042 to €2,612 per month (gross)

Job description
The OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment seeks a PhD student for research within the framework of the DIVERCITIES project funded by the European Union (FP7). The DIVERCITIES project's main aim is to provide evidence for the range of social and socioeconomic outcomes that may emerge from greater urban diversity, particularly its positive aspects, and to document and highlight the significant role that urban policy and local governance arrangements can play in developing and stimulating those positive outcomes. The PhD research investigates new and innovative policy instruments and governance arrangements in Toronto (Canada), which is one of the most hyper-diversified cities in the world. The research will be designed in the form of articles on (1) how governance arrangements help to increase positive aspects of urban diversity, (2) how urban diversity policies affect social cohesion and mobility of diverse urban populations, (3) how urban diversity policies affect economic performance of diverse urban populations, (4) how cities can learn from the results of DIVERCITIES experience elsewhere, and (5) what innovative and participatory policy initiatives can be created to make urban diversity work in a positive direction, including policy recommendations. The PhD student will become part of a large, international network of young researchers.

The candidate holds a Master's degree in urban/human geography, urban studies, urban planning or a similar discipline, and has an affinity for the subject of participatory urban governance. The candidate also has an excellent command of English and preferably will befamiliar with the Canadian context and Toronto in particular.

OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment
OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment specialises in independent research and consultancy in the field of housing, construction and the built environment. The institute is part of Delft University of Technology. The policy areas of OTB Research Institute are centred around various aspects of the built environment. For example, research is carried out into such areas as housing, urban renewal, transport and infrastructure, urban and regional development, sustainable building and building policy, land policy, geo-information resources and GIS technology. The institute's research draws on the knowledge and skills of various disciplines: public administration, architectural engineering, social geography, planning, economics, sociology, computer science and civil engineering.

The Geoinformation and Land Development section undertakes research into the governance, administrative, legal and organisational aspects of geoinformation, and the instruments used in the spatial development of both urban and rural areas. The Land Development programme focuses on the governance of the interaction between planning and property markets, and the conflicts between private interests and common societal goals.

Information and application
For more information about this position, please contact Dr. Tuna Tasan-Kok, phone:+31(0) To apply, please e-mail a detailed CV, grades list and two reference letters along with a letter of application by 1 March 2013 to Mrs. C. A. Moualed, When applying for this position, make sure to mention vacancy number OTB13001. For information on the DIVERCITIES project please check the website

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