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Info beasiswa Doktoral di Vienna

1.10.14 |

Max F. Perutz looked for something exceptional in his PhD students. That’s why he chose Francis Crick. 50 years after his Nobel prize award, we’re still following in his footsteps. We find students with that special something. We bring them to the world’s favorite capital city, Vienna. We work with them in small, friendly research groups. And we make world-class scientific discoveries. Apply to join the Max F. Perutz International PhD Program today. Vienna: a living space for science 


The Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFPL) are committed to provide a creative space for discoveries. Our research covers a wide range of the molecular biosciences, exploring life at a cellular, molecular and atomic level. We offer fully funded PhD positions for doctoral students. The programme provides outstanding research training with state-of-the-art facilities. The MFPL graduate course curriculum is designed to provide a foundation broad and deep enough to support thesis research across a wide spectrum of cutting edge problems in biology. Our curriculum consists of core courses as well as specialized courses organized in various formats that focus on different topics and/or methodologies relevant to modern biology. Training includes regular seminars, yearly retreats, supervision by a thesis committee, and soft skill and practical courses on modern laboratory techniques.The environment at MFPL is international. All communication and courses are conducted in English.

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